Mini GPS Tracker for Car, Kids, Personal, Pet

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Mini GPS Tracker for Car Kids Personal Pet Valuable objects Voice Monitor Locator Tracking Device 1200mA free System APP


4 working modes can be switched at will:

1. Instant mode = fast mode: WKMD, 1,30 (real-time tracking when using the device, upload data every 30 seconds, upload frequency is 30 seconds-120 seconds)

2. Super power saving mode = roll call mode: WKMD,2,0 (when not using the device, use this mode. Upload data through APP roll call function)

3. Power saving mode = exercise upload mode: WKMD, 3, 10 (data is uploaded once every 10 minutes of exercise, and can be changed from 10 minutes to 1440 minutes)

4. Timed upload mode=timed upload: WKMD,4,4 (the time range is between 1 hour and 24 hours, and the data is uploaded every 4 hours)